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22.07.1722:00US Open (GPG) 2017, WomenLi, Michelle v Gilmour, Kirsty
22.07.1722:00US Open (GPG) 2017, Women DoublesLee S H / Shin S C v Chae Y J / Kim S Y
22.07.1722:20US Open (GPG) 2017Nguyen, Tien Minh v Prannoy, H S
22.07.1722:30US Open (GPG) 2017, Women DoublesMatsumoto M / Nagahara W v Higashino A / Nakanishi K
22.07.1722:40US Open (GPG) 2017, WomenLee, Jang Mi v Ohori, Aya
22.07.1723:00US Open (GPG) 2017, DoublesYAO C L / Han Y P v Attri M / Reddy S
22.07.1723:10US Open (GPG) 2017Parupalli, Kashyap v Heo, Kwang Hee
22.07.1723:20US Open (GPG) 2017, Mixed DoublesHO K W / Chan S S v Lane B / Pugh J
23.07.1704:00Russian Open (GP) 2017, Women DoublesImai Y / Kawashima M v Araki A / Matsuda A
23.07.1704:20Russian Open (GP) 2017Sirant, Sergey v Malkov, Vladimir
23.07.1704:40Russian Open (GP) 2017, WomenCheah, Sonia Su Ya v Kosetskaya, Evgeniya
23.07.1705:00Russian Open (GP) 2017, Mixed DoublesMatsui K / Araki A v Chan P S / Cheah Y S
23.07.1705:20Russian Open (GP) 2017, DoublesIvanov V / Sozonov I v Chooi K M / Low J S

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