The Art of Sports Betting


Betting Knowledge

Betting is definitely an art.

While some may swear a permanent dose of blind luck if you decide to learn the Art of Betting you can appreciate the science behind making the right choices when placing a bet. The point behind betting is to practice the “maximum return, minimum risk” method.

As Gary Player once said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

Being good at betting doesn’t mean that you will win every game you bet on. It simply means that you will win more than you lose, so that your profit outweighs your loss.

Betting is nothing new. For as long as people have been playing sports, there was the wager on who would win the game. From Gladiators to Rugby players the bets were being placed.

As with all business opportunities, the more you invest, the more you stand to win. Of course this also means that if you don’t do a little research beforehand then the more you stand to lose as well!

The game behind betting is to try and outsmart the bookmaker margins in the long-term of your bets and thereby make a great amount of profit. As a better you need to constantly be on the lookout for a great opportunity that screams big profits and this you can only do if you know the team and the players you are betting on.

Knowing the sport and your team (and the teams they play against) is a great way to ensure that you are placing the bets as best you can.

Last week we spoke about the Odds.
Usually the odds across the market, worldwide, are the same. On occasion when they are not the same it is because something has happened (for example a team member may have sustained an injury) and that bookkeeper has not yet updated his Odds.

 Perceived value means (using your knowledge) that you feel that the odds are greater than they should be. This means that, in your opinion, your return on investment would be even greater.

The “using your knowledge” part is what sets gamblers and betters apart from each other.

So what should you research when you are trying to gather knowledge to help you placean informed bet?

The history of the player (in terms of what they have done for the last year and what they have done in the most recent week.

How and when does your team or individual player perform: when do they give their best? Is it at home in front of their fans or under pressure of an away match in a foreign stadium?

The condition of your player: are they at their fittest? Have then played too many games in the last week which might cause tiredness? Do they have an old or new injury that may be acting up?
Their personal life sometimes plays a role as well! Are they going through some form of media slander? A divorce? A Marriage? This might impact their overall mood and drive them harder or distract them completely.

Things like climate, altitude and jet lag also affect your player and team.

Any information you can gather is going to give you better insight into your bet. The more you know the better your chances of winning! So betting is not just about sports, but a little bit about detective work as well! (No…we are not encouraging you to become a stalker ;)

The bottom line is that the more you enjoy your team (and the “enemy”) the more you will know about them and therefore the better your ability to bet on them would be.



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