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25.05.1913:00European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Bunting, Stephen v Dolan, Brendan
25.05.1913:30European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Whitlock, Simon v Hempel, Florian
25.05.1914:00European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Wattimena, Jermaine v Noppert, Danny
25.05.1914:30European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Evans, Ricky v Van Trijp, Danny
25.05.1915:00European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Clayton, Jonny v Nilsson, Dennis
25.05.1915:30European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Price, Gerwyn v Ratajski, Krzysztof
25.05.1916:00European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Webster, Darren v Rodriguez, Rowby-John
25.05.1916:30European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019White, Ian v Mansell, Mickey
25.05.1919:15European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Chisnall, Dave v Beaton, Steve
25.05.1919:45European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Wade, James v Durrant, Glen
25.05.1920:15European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Cullen, Joe v Hopp, Max
25.05.1920:45European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019van Gerwen, Michael v O'Connor, William
25.05.1921:15European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Gurney, Daryl v King, Mervyn
25.05.1921:45European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Smith, Michael v van Barneveld, Raymond
25.05.1922:15European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Wright, Peter v Edhouse, Ritchie
25.05.1922:45European Tour 7 - Dutch Darts Masters 2019Suljovic, Mensur v van der Voort, Vincent
28.05.1906:00World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsPDC World Cup of Darts 2019 - Winner
04.06.1906:00InternationalWorld Matchplay 2019 - Winner
06.06.1919:00World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsGibraltar v Japan
06.06.1919:30World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsNorthern Ireland v South Africa
06.06.1920:00World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsNew Zealand v Lithuania
06.06.1920:30World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsBelgium v Hong Kong
06.06.1921:00World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsBrazil v Sweden
06.06.1921:30World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsWales v Singapore
06.06.1922:00World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsHungary v Germany
06.06.1922:30World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsScotland v Denmark
07.06.1919:00World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsChina v USA
07.06.1919:30World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsItaly v Canada
07.06.1920:00World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsPoland v Czech Republic
07.06.1920:30World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsIreland v Greece
07.06.1921:00World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsEngland v Philippines
07.06.1921:30World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsAustria v Russia
07.06.1922:00World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsAustralia v Finland
07.06.1922:30World Cup of Darts 2019, TeamsNetherlands v Spain
11.06.1906:00InternationalPDC World Championship 2020 - Winner
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