Rugby League Rules

Fixed Odds

Outright Betting

A bet on who will win the tournament. Place betting may be offered
If a team does not start the tournament then bets on that team will be voided and stakes refunded. A scratching and deduction rule may apply.
Regular season only unless otherwise stated.

Match Betting
A bet on which team will win the match.
Unless otherwise stated all Rugby bets are settled on 80 minutes play. The term 80 minutes play includes any stoppage time.

Handicap Betting
A bet on which team will win the match taking into account the quoted handicap. One team will have a minus handicap which must be subtracted from the teams final score and the other a plus handicap which will be added to the teams final score. Considering this the team with the higher score will win on handicap. A handicap may or may not include a tie. Where the tie is quoted if the final scores after the handicaps are applied ends on the exact handicap then the tie is the winner. Where the tie is not quoted the hanidcap will include a 1/2 a point so there cant be a tie.


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