Rugby Union Rules

Fixed Odds

Outright Betting

A bet on who will win the tournament. Place betting may be offered.
If a team does not start the tournament then bets on that team will be voided and stakes refunded. A scratching and deduction rule may apply.
Regular season only unless otherwise stated. The finishing position of teams at the end of the scheduled programme of matches will determine placings with no allowance for playoffs or subsequent enquiries (and potential point deductions) by the respective leagues.

Match Betting
Unless otherwise stated all Rugby bets are settled on 80 minutes play. The term 80 minutes play includes any stoppage time.    

Match Betting - 7's Matches
Unless otherwise stated Rugby sevens match bets are settled on the specific tournament regulation play and exclude extra-time if played.    

Handicap Betting
A bet on which team will win the match taking into account the quoted handicap. One team will have a minus handicap which must be subtracted from the teams final score and the other a plus handicap which will be added to the teams final score. Considering this the team with the higher score will win on handicap. A handicap may or may not include a tie. Where the tie is quoted if the final scores after the handicaps are applied ends on the exact handicap then the tie is the winner. Where the tie is not quoted the hanidcap will include a 1/2 a point so there cant be a tie.

Half Time - Full Time
A bet on what the match result will be at both half time and full time.

Highest Scoring Half
A bet on which half will have the most points scored in. Where the amount of points scored in each half is equal the result will be settled as a tie.

Race to 10 Points

A bet on which team will score 10 points first. If neither team scores 10 points the result will be Neither Team.

Team To Score First
A bet on which team will score first. All scoring plays count and the result will be settled on the team scoring the first points in any way.

First Scoring Play
A bet on how the first points will be scored.

Spread Betting

All quotes are for 80 minutes of play. Injury time is considered as part of the 80 minutes of play. The 1st half ends after 40 minutes and the match ends after 80 minutes. Any points scored during injury time are considered to be scored in the 40th or 80 minute respectively and form part of the 80 minute match.

Any extra time played to separate teams after a draw in the knockout stage of a competition do not count for any of the 80 minute quotes.

A spread on which side will win the match and the margin of victory.
This market will be settled on the final score.
Stop Loss: 40 points
Note: This market can have a negative result and is a supremacy market where the favourite is listed first (buy)and the underdog(sell) second.

Total Points
A spread on the combined score of both teams.
This market will be settled on the final scores.
Stop Loss: 40 points

Time of 1st Try
This is a spread on the minute of the first try scored in the match. Penalty tries are included.
If the first try is scored 7 minutes and 49 seconds into the match then the try is scored in the 8th minute. If no try is scored then the make-up is 80.  This is the maximum make-up for the bet and used in place of a stop loss/win.

Shirt Numbers
This is a spread on the sum of all the tryscorers jersey numbers in the match. If a player changes his jersey his original number will apply. If a player starts the match with a Jersey number that is inconsistent with his position, then the correct number for that position will apply. The maximum jersey number is 23. If there are no tries the result is 0. A penalty try counts 8 points towards this spread.  
Stop Loss: 40 points

Amount of Tries
This is a spread on the amount of tries scored in the match. If there are no tries the result is 0.  
Stop Loss: 6 Points

Half Time Total Margins
This is a bet on the total points scored before half-time finishing in the stated brackets. i.e. 1-7, 7-14. This market will be settled using the half-time score.


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